Before you can use the GeoVisage Imagery application, you must add the application to Java's list of security exceptions. Here is how to do that:

Step 1: Open the start menu and select "Computer" or "My Computer."


Step 2: Select the Local Disk(C:), and from there select Users. Then select the username of your account.


Step 3: The location we are looking for is in AppData, which is a hidden folder. To access AppData you will have to click on the Windows Explorer address bar and type "/AppData" after your username.


Step 4: From AppData select LocalLow, then Sun, then Java, then Deployment, and finally security


Step 5: If there is already a file called exception.sites:

Step 5a: Right click on exception.sites and click "Open" on the dropdown menu, then select "Select a Program from a list of installed programs," then click OK. Then select Notepad from the list of programs

Open Notepad

Step 5b: Now copy the following lines of text and paste them at the bottom of the file in Notepad:


Step 5c: Now just save the file and close it, and you are ready to use the GeoVisage Imagery application.

Step 6:If there is no file called exception.sites in the security folder (and only if there is no file called exception.sites. If there is a file called exception.sites, follow step 5 instead):

Step 6a: Download the exception.sites file by right clicking

Here (exception.sites download link).

and selecting "Save Link as..." and then clicking Save.

SaveAs Save

Step 6b: Cut exception.sites from your downloads folder and paste it into the security folder. You are now ready to use the GeoVisage Imagery application.